Cyclic ketogenic diet

Because of all this it is advisable to follow this diet under the guidance of a professional in the field of nutrition and find all the information you can Choco Lite Review, as well as perform a general check of the body before, during and after the completion of the diet to ensure that that everything is in order and be able to evaluate the results objectively.

Currently there are several types of ketogenic diet such as the TCM diet, the Atkins diet, the low-carbohydrate diet and many others, but undoubtedly the most used are the standard ketogenic diet (SKD), targeted ketogenic diet (Choco Lite Review) and the cyclic ketogenic diet (CKD).

The SKD is based on a low intake of carbohydrates, moderate protein and high fat. The TKD is very similar to the SKD diet only in that it allows a greater consumption of carbohydrates before doing exercises, between about 20g and 50gr more.

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