interesting special features

In addition to its color it also has very interesting special features. They are devoid of the skin, as a result they cause less gas and will be of great help for those people who have digestive problems with legumes. Another advantage for our busy life is that they do not need soaking and only with 20 minutes of cooking you will have litas to eat.

Sara Martínez explains that white beans, also known as beans, are one of the most popular legumes in our country. They belong to a large family lose weight with nutrivix, which owned more than 300 varieties of beans, including white, red, black, tan and pints. Many varieties come from America, although in Spain we have 3 varieties of beans with denomination of Origin: the Faba of Asturias, the Beans of El Barco de Ávila and the Bañeza de León. In the Basque Country we also find the Gernika and Tolosa.

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